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Ready for the Run


The company we use for custom orthotics is The Orthotic Group. Custom orthotics are built specially for your foot to help correct improper biomechanics. They are able to help conditions such as diabetic complications, metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, dropped arches, and structural deformities of the foot. 

Evaluation of the feet and lower limb is important when examining the spine. All of the chiropractors at the Keeping You Active clinics are trained to evaluate and diagnose foot and lower limb problems. They are also qualified to prescribe over the counter or custom made orthotics. A biomechanical exam, a walking exam, and an orthopedic exam of your foot will take place in order to determine if you need over the counter or custom orthotics. We also have force plate technology at our Neepawa Office that allows a more advanced look at the foot in motion, as you walk across the force plate.


Superfeet are the over the counter insoles used in our clinics. They come in a variety of generic arch sizes and also designs specific to your footwear. These include skates, dress shoes, and athletic shoes. They are a great option when a patient needs arch support without major biomechanical correction of the foot. 

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