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Our Support Staff


Brenda Kryschuk - Office Manager

Brenda is our senior staff member and acts as the office manager. She also manages the other Keeping You Active Clinics. She has been with our team since August of 2021.

Andrea Ross - Receptionist

Andrea will be assisting with client care and receptionist duties who is currently on maternity leave due to having a beautiful baby girl.

Reanna McKee - Receptionist

Reanna has an administrative medical diploma with Assiniboine Community College. Reanna is one of our receptionsits, assisting in client care in Neepawa and Minnedosa. 

reanna picture_edited.jpg

Jenna Harder - Receptionist

Jenna is the newest member to the Keeping You Active Chiropractic Team.  Along with her receptionist duties, Jenna has taken on the role of managing the clinics social media presence and marketing.


Scrappy Office Greeter

Scrappy is the proud owner of Dr. Perrett. She has been coming to work at the Neepawa office since 2010. She is a purebred cross of a Cairn Terrier and a West Highland terrier, known as a Cairland Terrier. She is a hypoallergenic and docile breed. She loves to visit patients and plays around the office. Her main role at the office is enhancing a positive patient experience.

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